About Us

As a proudly Canadian owned and registered business based in Ontario, Gryphon strives to provide quality-driven services and products worldwide. With the primary focus on modern innovation and effective solutions for military, special operatives, and law enforcement units, Gryphon offers a proud line of industrial-standard products and services through four dynamic divisions that continue to be recognized both here at home and around the world.

Meeting police and military specification, Gryphon manufactures a variety of innovative patented products including our explosive breaching frames. Among Gryphon’s product line, the company represents a number of highly respected manufacturers of specialty equipment and explosives used by the military and law enforcement communities world-wide. Gryphon’s product line includes manual, thermal, and explosive products designed for special operations use. The company specializes in production of small runs of products, keeping costs down for those client agencies that require small quantities of products, that would otherwise find it cost prohibitive.

Gryphon is a registered supplier to both the Canadian and United States of America Government, and holds the applicable licenses to allow for use of Canadian and USA government technical data specifications. The company provides products and product support to international clients through partnerships with well established and respected companies whose goal is to provide support to military and law enforcement agencies in their respective countries. Gryphon is a member of TRACE.